Old Slavery Vs New Slavery Essay

The old slavery and the new Slavery
"Do you think that the race of those who enslaved affects America 's interest in altering the American public to the problem of freeing the slave?" The answer of the question is no, because slavery in America is still in progress from decades in different forms.Slavery in America is alive, just as old wine in new bottle. Now a day about seven millions of people are in bondage around the word and America has no exception, in modern land of America more people are in bondage than the entire 350 years of trans-Atlantic trade. Therefore, the claim that the attitude toward slavery is not change, it is still flourish in different types and forms, like prostitution, fruit picking field workers, etc. The most prominent
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Some of these stories broke hearts, sometime excuse and rationalization made us boil in anger,but sometime we meet real heroes who give us hope that America can put an end for slavery once and for all. Slavery in old days was a sign of status, where master took pride in the ownership of slaves but todays slave holder and human traffickers keep slave hidden, making it all the more difficult to locate victims and punish offenders. The roots of slavery are as old as America itself. When the Spaniard landed in 1493, across the Atlantic, they established colony. Christopher Columbus enslaved hundred of Taino Indians and shipped them to home Spain. It is not surprising, because in the old days it was the custom of the old warriors when they defeat a nation they enslaved that nation. So Spaniard did the same in America they enslaved aboriginal Indians. Slave trade started in 1518, when king Charles of Spain give royal consent for slave trade that spanned on 350 years. Consequently, every European nation followed Spain’s example in the new world. Portuguese, Dutch, and English settler owned slave from the Canadian North to the bottom tip of South

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