New Jemim An Example Of The Type Of Work Overstreet Creates Essay

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New Jemima Joe Overstreet created a piece titled New Jemima in 1964. This example of pop art was created in America during the Black Arts Movement. New Jemima is a free standing piece of plywood that is eight and a half feet long by five and a half feet wide by a foot and one fourth in depth. The plywood is covered with fabric that has acrylic paint on it of Aunt Jemima firing a machine gun at the word with pancakes falling down. There is also a glass syrup bottle similar to the looks of a grenade in the corner. This example of pop art was created in America during the Black Arts Movement. Based on cultural movements of the time, Joe Overstreet displays black defiance both socially against stereotyping and white dominance as well as politically against government resistance through New Jemima. New Jemima is a key example of the type of work Overstreet creates. “For 35 years Overstreet has organized exhibitions for mid-career and emerging artists, and retrospectives for those left out of mainstream history,” (Gordon). Joe Overstreet started studying art in 1951 at Contra Costa College and went to the California School of Fine Arts three years later. Then in 1958, he moved in New York City to set up his first studio. “In his Bowery studio, he began to reconsider African art and its place in the history of art,”(Gordon). His mentor, Sargent Johnson, fostered his use of African elements and cultural information in his artwork. By the mid 1960’s Joe OVerstreet…

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