New Forms Of Low Wages Essay examples

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out the land was owned by Europeans of French, Dutch and German descent and it was once a vineyard with slaves. Merica explained how the slaves were given names after being sold and how they did not know their own ancestral histories. For example, a slave’s new last name or surname was April because she was most likely sold in the month of April. In the United States slave owners used the same methods to dehumanize and make it challenging for slaves to find their identities. The cycle of slavery continued in new forms of low wages. Merica said many children recall their parents getting paid in wine instead of money and would come home drunk often. However, when Solms bought the land he wanted to restore it back to its original state as a vineyard and create a more trusting environment. At first the families who lived on the farm were skeptical, but eventually were won over by Solms. Today there are programs, like the music program and a trust to help children get a better education.

After the tour we had another delicious lunch. Next, we got the chance to try some of the wine from the vineyard. Then, we loaded back on the bus and headed for Stellenbosch. Later we meet with Liz and John Thatcher members of St Mary’s on Brock. Liz and John gave a background on the church and a background of the Stellenbosch community. St Mary’s is an Anglican church that allowed for non-whites to worship during the apartheid. In addition, Liz and John Thatcher invited a guest named Brian,…

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