New England And Chesapeake Colonies Essay

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During colonial America, lying on the eastern side of the continent were the New England colonies in the north and the Chesapeake colonies in the south. New England colonies composed states such as MA, RI, and CT while Chesapeake colonies contain states like MD, VA and the Carolinas. With these two colonies separated, they share similarities as well as differences. Slavery, politics and religion are the most important key facts that have a common aspect among New England and Chesapeake colonies. With those similarities named before, it creates differences. These paved the way of society in America until 1750 and years to come. In both colonies, slavery was utilized to build the economy of indentured servants. In Document 1, an indentured servant from VA wrote a letter to his parents in 1623. It explained how life being under indentured servitude is one of agony. In the New England colony, the difference that separates them from the Chesapeake is their use of slavery on a smaller scale. Although both use slavery as a component of their economy, Chesapeake colonies used slaves/indentured servants to work on farms and plantations. Majority of the slaves were the men and their families because slave owners saw it as a way for productivity to decrease because mothers and children would slow them down. New England colonies worked on smaller farms and their families as sustenance for the economy of the colonies. New England and Chesapeake were both had biased political power…

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