New Dark Ages Of Education Essay

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Yesmin Whitehead
Kendall Clayton
English 122
February 13, 2015

New Dark Ages of Education
We live in a society that is becoming more dependent upon audio and visual aid to educate and inform the masses. The use of books and print writing is becoming obsolete due to educational programs or “edutainment” (Postman 421). Technology today has aided in our society, but it has also hindered us. It has become apparent to me that we are living in a new dark age where knowledge and information is being exchanged by the use of television. “The consequences of this reorientation are to be observed not only in the decline of the potency of the classroom but, paradoxically, in the refashioning of the classroom into a place where both teaching and learning are intended to be vastly amusing activities” (Postman 425). The use of independent thinking is being lost by the influence of television programs, producers, government, and public education system.
You cannot turn on a television set without coming across some form of “edutainment” (Postman 421). Neil Postman, writes about this crisis in our American education system in his essay, “Television as a Teacher”. This has become socially accepted not only by parents, but by the government public education system. “One is entirely justified in saying that the major education enterprise now being undertaken in the United States is not happening in its classroom, but in its home, in front of the television set, and under the jurisdiction not…

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