Essay on New Beauty Products At Home

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In the 1900s, cosmetic products, like the Sweet Georgia Brown Cleansing Lotion, were introduced to American culture and slowly began to replace the process of creating beauty products at home. The Sweet Georgia Brown Cleansing Lotion, made by Valmor Products Co., is an example of one of the new beauty products introduced at the end of the early 1900s. This product was specialized for African-American women, which can be understood from the image of the African-American woman featured on the bottle. The cleansing lotion was intended to cleanse, and arguably whiten, an African-American woman’s skin, which can also be understood from the image of the African-American women on the bottle since she is visibly wearing products that give the appearance of a lighter complexion.
Prior to the commercial sales of cosmetics in stores, women made their own necessary products, although the intention of these remedies were more for health benefits than appearances. At home, women were expected to master the ability to concoct products, such as a combining different food ingredients to make a natural facial moisturizer, to maintain a healthy and clean self. Remedies, such as a facial moisturizer, may give one’s skin a more appealing appearance, but this was before the demanding beauty culture, therefore, there was only a small emphasis on the beauty benefits of such remedies. The first hint at a beauty culture in America would be with the eventual commercialization of these remedies—…

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