Never Forget To Lie Analysis

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How many Holocaust survivor 's have you encountered? It 's not something you would think a survivor would want to talk about. The hurt and the loneliness of feeling that their God had abandoned them. Their families being torn apart, and running away from their very being (pretending to not be Jewish). To live through such a planned tragedy is unfathomable today and to recognize that the period of suffering of the Jewish people was less than a Century ago is crazy to think about. The survivor 's in this documentary are courageous and show resilience towards the torture they endured. That is why I believe "Marian Marzynski, Ed, and Sophia Shrewman in Never Forget to Lie showed signs of Erikson 's Ego Integrity Versus Despair Stage.
Marian Marzynski is a polish/Jewish documentary filmmaker. He grew up in the era of the Holocaust. A young
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He gives His account of what happened to Him. He speaks about all the things that were against him. He was not Circumcised, was dark skinned and had dark hair. He laughs when telling about an incident when He went to the barber to get His haircut to look less like a Jew. The smile on his face when he recognizes that he looked more like a Jew with no hair than with hair. He shows Joy when He speaks about his Mother, His face completely lighting up with happiness. He showed great strength in agreeing to be apart of the documentary and sharing His stories. Sometimes when bad things happen to people they hide the event and never speak of it. This saves them from the feelings of having to relive the past. Ed shows that the suffering He endured did not break him and appears to find the light of the situation. He show 's that He is as happy as he can be enduring what he went through. The last scene with Him in the film show 's him walking down a path, this seems to be a symbology that no matter what He goes through He will keep moving forward. This is not an attitude of despair and

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