Network Density And Structure Of The National Entrepreneurship Institute

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This research adopts an explanatory case study to provide answers on the following enquiry. Explaining and examine how network density and structure of the National Entrepreneurship Institute enable entrepreneurs to access resources and influence SMEs success and growth during the early-stage of SMEs in Saudi Arabia. Case study approach allows the researcher to investigate, in-depth, a particular phenomenon in a real-life context; it allows them to build a deep understanding and knowledge of existing phenomena (Myers, 2013, p.80), since it is an empirical evidence of a real life situation, contributing to existing theory or generating new theory. However, this approach has been criticised by the positivists as lacking scientific reliability and validity, since positivism is a deductive analysis searching for theory confirmation in statistical generalisation (Riege, 2003).

Collectively, during the stage of conducting case study, relevant guidelines to collect, present, and analyse data should be considered to present a robust approach (Baxter & Jack, 2008). This research relies on Yin’s (1994) approach of case study inquires to enhance the quality of case study methods. By focusing on the realism design, there are two sets of tests which can enhance the quality of the case study method, these are explained in Appendix 3, firstly from quantitative research such as reliability and validity tests of contract, internal, and external and secondly from, qualitative research…

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