Nervous Systems And The Nervous System Essay

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Reaction time is the period that it takes for the body to respond to an action (“Stimulus”) that is often causing a disruption in homeostasis or being a change in the environment (Bradshaw). The system responsible for its function is the nervous system. The nervous system is the answer in how we communicate, move, feel, sense and control ourselves. There are two main parts in the nervous system that are significant because humans depend so much on them. The two parts are the Central nervous system and the Peripheral Nervous System. The central nervous system possesses two essential parts: the brain and the spinal cord. On the other hand, the Peripheral Nervous system are all the nerves that branch out all over the body. The nerves that run through your internal organs are called Autonomic Nervous system (“Kang, Week 1 Nervous System”). Autonomic has the word auto in it; the word itself means to be done without will or unconsciously (Merriam Webstar). Autonomic nerves are in control of the heart beating, one’s food being digested and, for instance, sneezing when dust enters the nostrils. As there are autonomic nerves, there is also the Somatic nervous system which are voluntary nerves. These are mainly in control of movement of the body like re-flexing and using a muscle to protect oneself. If a ball comes really fast towards the body, the somatic nervous system has to decide whether to cover the face with it’s arms or get hit by the ball (Straker).
In the human body,…

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