Anorexia Nervosa Warning Signs Essay

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What are the warning signs?
Many of the signs and symptoms mentioned above will not be visible on the outside. However, there are some warning signs of anorexia nervosa that are easier to see on someone. If you are concerned that someone you know may have anorexia nervosa, here are some typical warning signs.
Refusal to eat
Skipping meals
Making excuses for not eating (Denial of hunger, “too busy,” etc)
Some other common warning signs include difficulty concentrating and obsession with body shape and size. Some people with anorexia nervosa will only eat certain foods that are considered “safe,” which tend to be low in fat and calories. Other warning signs (which apply to various eating disorders, not specifically anorexia nervosa) include excessive exercise, lack of emotion, constant weighing of themselves, frequently checking in the mirror, picking out their own
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Life stressors
Traumatic events (such as abuse, rape, etc) and excessive stress (from school, work, etc) can lead to the onset of anorexia nervosa.
Sufferers of anorexia nervosa are often perfectionists. They set goals that are hard to reach (for example, a target weight,) and constantly feel like they are not good enough, and can do better (lose more weight and be thinner.) Also, those who have obsessive or compulsive personality traits have been known to develop anorexia nervosa, as they find it easier to adhere to strict diets and resist the temptation to eat.
If you have a parent or other family member who has/had anorexia nervosa, you are more likely to develop the disorder than someone without that family background. Parents who are constantly dieting, parents who are very focussed on physical appearance and parents who often criticize other people’s bodies are more likely to have a child with anorexia nervosa.
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