Neo Colonial Exploration Of The Capitalist Class Essay

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through the distribution of wealth throughout the state or in other words serving the capitalist class. (Dickovick &Eastwood, 2016) This is seen through past history of colonialism in order to achieve free markets in Europe and fulfill capitalism. In an international viewpoint, neo-colonial exploration can take place in order to fulfill these needs in the state and correlate with the division of power.
Thirdly, this theory rests upon how the state should be structured. The theory revolves around the notion of organization and how they are structured plays a role in the determining the emergence of the state. An example of this is an isomorphism. Isomorphism is when two states have similar organizations in how they structurally and virtually run their states. (Dickovick &Eastwood, 2016) Isomorphism has used the sense to explain how states should work or the way to do it. Organizations look at the overall cultural models and expectations and see as to what fits for the state. Overall, the theory is explaining that there is a spread of organization as to what and how states should be run through an overall picture. Each state has the same idea but uses different functions or needs in order to fit their cultural models and expectations.
Moreover, for the evolution of a state to occur from the tribal rule to a modern state the state must contain certain institutions. Three categories that are a pre-requites to the emergence of a modern state are the state, the rule of law,…

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