Neil Degrasse Tyson's Book, My Favorite Universe

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A majority of childhood was giving librarians hell as I was striding through the corridors of Boston’s Hyde Park library, where my father consistently took me as a young boy in hopes to inspire me. As I ran around, I knock over a bookshelf and I noticed a book fell open with the picture of universal stars, . I seek to investigate more throughout future research. My father’s goal for my inspiration was reached. At age six, I have exhibited a deep interest in the study of physics. From that day I actually opened Neil Degrasse Tyson’s book “My Favorite Universe”, his books have brought my curiosity to life. From then I admired Mr. Tyson for most of my life his childhood resembles mine as we both I grew up in urban cities as socially disadvantaged minorities him from New York and I from Boston. Tyson developed his passion for the stars at a young age and I have developed my passion young as well. Tyson gave me further stimulus when it came down to unraveling quantum phenomena …show more content…
Having an older brother with experience in multiple scientific professions such as biochemistry, mechanical engineering, and genealogy played a part in prompting me to investigate and pursue STEM fields such as Biophysics.
Galvanized, by these fields I desired to read about them and obtain on them. This in turn led me to read “The Origin of Species”.Reading about natural selection was intriguing and I wished to learn more.Ultimately, this pursuit of mine aided me in a sense where I have developed more rigor. I am now never satisfied with a basic answer. I seek a more intricate complex answers to better my learning and understanding of material. I yearn for these types of answers in hopes of find inspiration in order strengthen this continuous pursuit for affluent

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