Negative Use Of Propaganda In Modern Society, By Ray Bradbury

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Propaganda’s influence on historical events has changed the face of the planet for better and for worse. Propaganda is used to control the citizens of society in , by Ray Bradbury, compared to its negative and positive usage in today 's society. The brilliant usage of propaganda can be seen in both the Nazis and the British during WWII. Propaganda in is presented as extremely negative, however in real life it is also used to maintain order in society. Propaganda can be used to influence someone 's actions and thoughts. The government in used the arrest of an innocent man to keep any citizen’s thoughts of rebellion to a minimum, and the remainder to thoughts of safety. “The Mechanical Hound Rushed forward into the viewer, suddenly. …show more content…
The government in , uses ethical dimensions in a police report to portray Montage as a villain. “Police suggest entire population in the Elm Terrace area do as follows: Everyone in every house in every street open a front or rear door or look from the windows. The fugitive cannot escape if everyone in the next minute looks from his house” (Bradbury, 131­132). Making Montage a fugitive is a dramatic use of propaganda. Montage’s crime was simply to keep books, although he eventually killed the commissioner. The government in draws a parallel to the Nazi party, as they also believed in the restriction of knowledge and the burning of books. The Nazi party also used this propaganda style, and if anything was more straightforward. The Nazi party, usage of ethical dimensions, and negative stereotypes in their anti­Jewish propaganda, helped gain support against the Jewish people. “Exploiting pre­existing images and stereotypes, Nazi propagandists 3 portrayed Jews as an “alien race” that fed off the host nation, poisoned its culture, seized its economy, and enslaved its workers and farmers” (Defining the Enemy). The Nazis used their propaganda to create fear of the Jewish people in their citizens hearts. The Jewish people showed no threat or danger to the citizens of Germany but the Nazi party 's propaganda used them as a fictitious enemy to unite the German people by creating a unifying hat. Tragic as it was, the Nazi party’s use of propaganda is one of the most successful uses of propaganda through time, gaining a whole country 's support for mass genocide. The Nazis usage of stereotypes connects to the novel as the government refers to Montage and the enemy because he is a keeper of books. Both are examples of negative use of propaganda, in an attempt to create a fictitious enemy, but they are different. The government used this way of

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