Negative Moods Are Linked With Quick Thoughts Essay

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Moods are global, pervasive responses to experiences that last longer than emotions (example: “I was in a grumpy mood all last week”). It can be positive or negative. Here’s another example, let’s consider someone you know who is usually cheerful and upbeat. Imagine this friend returned to her parked car only to discover, she locked her keys in it. How does she react? She may become angry at herself, but a half-hour later after the issues is resolved, she has forgotten and returned to her usual smiling and happy self. In other words, she is once again experiencing a relatively good mood. A good mood has several beneficial effects. It makes people more agreeable, more helpful, less aggressive, and better decision-makers. We also know that being in a positive mood, can enhance people’s creativity and is are linked with quick thoughts. Were as negative moods, are linked to slower thinking and repetitive thoughts.

We learned that moods are low-level feelings that can last for lengthy periods of time but emotions, are stronger shorter-lived feelings with acute responses to some particular event. An example of this could be, someone being overjoyed when they won a dance contest. The exact definition is, emotions are powerful, largely uncontrollable feelings, accompanied by physiological changes. Emotions can be positive or negative as well as moods can. Positive emotions consist of pleasant responses to events that promote connections with others, including subjective states such…

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