Nazi Pows

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What POWs Can Teach Americans
Both the Allies and the Axis powers committed many horrific crimes during World War II – most of which deserve to be known of. However, perhaps one of the most important things that everyone should know of is how prisoners of war (POWs) were treated in each country. In America, the military went above-and-beyond the standards to make sure all Nazi POWs were comfortable and treated humanely. However, it became evident that the treatment that Americans gave Nazi POWs was not being reflected in Nazi Germany. The American people were outraged at the atrocious acts committed by Hitler and his regime, and a congressional investigation was launched into the treatment of Nazi POWs. In the end, it was decided that America would not fall to the standards of Germany with regards to the treatment of POWs. New American citizens should learn about this event because the decisions made after learning about how American POWs were treated by the Germans highlighted that the “certain unalienable rights” guaranteed by the Constitution are, indeed, unalienable. Furthermore, it displayed what it means to be an American and is
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As a new citizen – as an American – there will be expectations to act and behave in certain “American” ways, in addition to the expectation to understand what American ideals and beliefs are. This decision is a prime example of the “American way”, as described by Gene Dakan Kenneth Eugene, a guard at Camp Aliceville, “The American way was you always treat people the way you would want to be treated yourself, and the German prisoners of war, we treated them with great respect. We didn’t hold any bitter feelings towards them whatsoever.” To continue treating others well, even though you may not want to, is a prime example of what it means to be an

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