Essay about Nature of Thought

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The Nature of Thought

Philosophy 215

November 10, 2010

The Nature of Thought

The nature of thought is a process to interpret information gathered by the brain using senses, memories, and language. The process of thinking is influenced by perceptional blocks and personal barriers. Internal and external events in cultural differences along with an individual’s economic status ultimately encourage thoughts whether negative or positive. Irrational and rational thoughts influence decisions. Identifying and recognizing behavior patterns associated with thoughts allows awareness to inadequate thinking. The sensing process which includes all five senses, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching is the way the
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The tone and word choice enables the thought process to signify the level of importance the message suggests. For instance, the interviewing process is a way for the interviewer and the interviewee to make a decision on whether or not the candidate is suitable for the position. The way both parties communicate to each other will determine if a connection is made based on how the brain interprets the tone of voice and body language of both parties. Language offers the brain to think and respond to what is said and displayed. The economy today is not graceful to the jobless. Many are loosing their houses or on the verge of loosing everything. It is a sad and awkward position to hold where one cannot provide the necessities for their children. How does the brain process information that is detrimental for survival? Insurmountable stress builds up causing anxiety and uncertainty. Yet you try to remain hopeful knowing that your children lives remain in your hands. An entire year is passing and still no job offer and finally I got my second job lead from the internet. I did a phone interview and the next day I was scheduled for a face to face interview. I was so excited and then I heard a thump, GA Power turned my lights off! I begin to cry and scream! Too much information to process at one time! I wanted to give up when my 2 year old said mommy I love you. It was still light outside so I opened the blinds and began looking

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