Nature of the sales environment. Essay

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Essay on the Nature of the Sales Environment.
The purpose of this essay is to analyse the key aspects of sale environment, including the international sale and legal and ethical issues. Based on the above this essay will first look at the importance of selling environment in the UK economy, it then discus and analyse the techniques of sales control and measurements for evaluation, supported with practical examples.
Every business in the world has some certain unique features, which has to be learnt and practiced a lot in order to be successful in an enterprise. For example, a swimmer has to do practice regularly for hours in order to keep them fit for competitions. Even though the swimmer has succeeded in number of competition he has
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Despite recent attempts by the government to reduce the trade deficit, the latest data from UK’s Office of National Statistics points to an ever-widening trade gap. Since the beginning of 2011, UK’s monthly trade deficit has hit record levels of more than £4 billion per month. The monthly deficit in the UK for 2011 is also exceeding the previous record level of £3.5 billion per month reached in 2007. The increase in UK’s budget deficit has also affected UK’s trade deficit. Therefore, the UK’s austerity plan to cut down public spending is necessary in order to reduce the trade deficit as well. So here is seen how necessarily international sales for UK in a whole. (Economy Watch, 2012)
Importing is when an individual or business brings goods or services into the UK from another country. Careful consideration as to the practicalities needs to be given if intend to imports goods; this may include how to get the goods into the country, as well as the legal requirements.Under UK law, a number of legal responsibilities are imposed on a company, if wish to import goods in the UK. One of the first and probably most important duties being that will have to check if the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) requires business to have a licence. (Inbrief, 2012)
By the way selling overseas is different compared to the domestic market, it however, provides individual firms with a number of

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