Nature Of Religion Essay

Noetic structure and the nature of God
According to Nash, “The philosophy of religion is the branch of philosophy that studies questions arising out of philosophical reflection about religious claim, beliefs, and practices.” (Nash, 13).
This is important to note because philosophical views on religion allows us to take note and inferences and place them in context. Nash clearly notes that in order to understand the philosophy of religion there are some kinds of questions encountered in the philosophy of religion which would include the following: What is the nature of religion? What is the nature of God? What does it mean to say that God is omnipotent or omniscient? What is faith, and how it is related to reason? (Nash, 13). Nash explicitly
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Why such a claim challenging to the nature of faith? There are several factors that can be held accountable to the contrary. Nash states, “Many disagreements between individuals, societies, and nations are often clashes of competing world-views…Growing number of conflicts between secular humanist and religious believers.” (Nash, 25). Hence, the Christian worldview on the nature of God, is the strong values and beliefs held which according to Nash “the doctrine of the Trinity reflects the Christian conviction that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three distinct centers of consciousness sharing fully in the one divine nature and in the activities of the other persons of the trinity.” (Nash, …show more content…
These characteristics are symbolic because they are the virtues to which mankind finds comfort in the gospel. The church holds a tremendous role in appropriating the importance is important in nature and in that it sends a clear message.

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