Nature Of Poverty Essay

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Discuss the nature of poverty. What is the poverty line? How is it calculated? Is the method of calculation a valid one? Would you recommend something other than the “food basket” approach?
Poverty line determines how well you can support yourself living in the economy. It is calculated by figuring if you as a single or family can live within your means. Saying it is valid may or may not be true. The state determines your poverty level. The state also determines rate of pay for people working for minimum wage. We cannot define everyone by what they do and blame them because they are only making minimum and not rich enough. Everyone has different circumstances. The poverty level for some people vary because they can make a six figure
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Rich people can have more influence than poorer would have. If that was a regular individual facing the charges they would be in jail for the twenty year or more. The parents used their influence in Texas to get their son out of jam he was in. The may have paid off the judge making the decision. He committed the crime and showed no remorse for what he had done and neither did the parents. Crime, violence and being rich can make a big difference with a decision that needs to be made. Simply because they have the ability to hire a great lawyer. Crime, violence and poverty would not place you in a position for anywhere other than jail. The doctor said simply if they sent the boy to jail he would have 10% of living a good life and not get the help he needs. There are so many people that commit a low level crime because of poverty and thrown in jail. Where is there chance and who is going to stand up for them. Maybe the state appointed attorney if they cared enough. Once they have a record there done and left poor decision to come if no one helps them. The son couch should have been held accountable for the crime that he done. The civil trial was the only time that we were able hear why. The parents were horrible and the son just simply didn’t care. No money can replace the lives that were lost that night. The son was at a young age since thirteen should have

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