Nature Is The Foundation Of Everything That Is On Our Earth And Beyond The Limits Of Our Universe

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Nature is the foundation of everything that is on our earth and beyond the limits of our universe. Without nature, we would not be able to exist in the first place, and it is through nature that we can continue to live. In “King Lear” by William Shakespeare and “A Thousand Acres” by Jane Smiley, the authors both illustrate just how important nature, in the form of a mother, really is through actions of Goneril and Ginny. Even though “A Thousand Acres” is a modern retelling of the famous “King Lear,” both bring out the consequence of what happens when the mothers are absent, which in turn echoes the theme throughout both the play and the novel.
First of all, the theme of nature plays a crucial role in both stories when the authors both depict the events of both stories without the mother. Mothers are part of nature and they are the key factor between life and no life. For example, the mother is the one who gives birth to babies. Without mothers, the human population would never see growth and the babies also would not grow up properly. In “King Lear,” the author does not give any information about the mother and why she is missing. Generally speaking, the mother is missing; so Goneril has a conflicting view than what would be normal for someone with a mother. To point out, Goneril says to her fellow servant to “Put on what weary negligence you please, you and your fellows; I’ll have to come to question: If he dislike it, let him to our sister,” (Shakespeare 1.3.13-15). In…

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