Nature In Anthony Doerr's 'All The Light We Cannot See'

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The people whom we want to be are often not the people we are. In fact, we are molded by so many things in the society around us that our true nature gets lost early on. As people, events, and objects influence and change us, we often drift far from the actual person we are. In times of conflict when we lose so many of these objects we thought had molded us; that is when we discover who we truly are. In All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr proves that in times of conflict, the true character of human nature is revealed.
All the Light We Cannot See is an award winning novel about the hardships of War War II and its impact on two very different people, a German orphan named Werner and a blind French girl called Marie Laure and how their
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He never especially wanted to be a Nazi soldier but his parents wanted him to be there. When Werner asks him if he ever wishes they ever had to go back, he says “Father needs me at Schulpforta. Mother too. It doesn’t matter what I want” (Doerr, 223). Werner continues to argue that it does matter but Frederick says “Your problem, Werner, is that you still believe you control your life”(Doerr 223). This proves that Frederick knew he was being a person who he wasn 't and person he never wanted to be but, he had to ignore his true nature for the safety of himself and his family. However, as the war started and he had to prove himself as a Nazi soldier by being placed in tough situations he could not do it because of his moral compass. At the school, one of their activities was to throw freezing water at innocent prisoners of war. As Frederick approaches his turn he is described be “frowning at the prisoner as though he recognizes something there” (Doerr, 229). To Frederick, this is not a prisoner who has done wrong. This is a soldier, like them, who did nothing more than fight for his country. When he is handed the bucket, he can not do it and instead dumps the water on the ground. He gets violently beat up for this. During this time of conflict. Frederick 's true character was revealed. It was revealed that Frederick was a morally guided …show more content…
After he came the Nazi camp, he acted just like the other brainwashed students and followed his orders. But once he is sent into the real battle he realizes who he really is and his true nature finally shines through. At the beginning of his time in camp, while Fredrick is getting beat up he thinks to himself “Is this not wrong?” before realizing that “But here it is right” (Doerr, 194). This shows how he is trying to understand the morals of the camp and what is expected from him. We see him throughout his time at the camp shut off his morals and follow others. In fact, Doerr even says “Werner is succeeding. He is being loyal. He is being what everybody agrees in good. And yet every time he wakes and buttons his tunic, he feels he is betraying something” (Doerr 250). This shows that while he has not been comfortable revealing his true nature yet, he knew he was not being a good person. When Werner decides to rescue Marie Laure after hearing her broadcast, he realizes that he has not been himself for a long time. He reveals his true caring nature by helping Marie Laure even though he shouldn’t have. He also reveals his true character through his thoughts about Jutta. Every single time he is in a tough situation in this novel, Werner thinks about Jutta, and his childhood, and Frau Elena. He remembers their happy memories and how great he had it growing up. This proves that no matter how tough Werner could

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