Essay on Nature And Nature : Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park is an amazing place to discover because when you do, you start to understand why we have national parks at all. There are three spheres of interaction in the park and they are: nature-and-nature, human-and-nature, and human-and-human. The spheres that stand out are the human-and-nature and nature-and-nature. Tourist-and-wolves interact within the human-and-nature sphere, and the effects of their interaction are a complicated and long relationship within the history of the Yellowstone National Park. Tourist are defined as citizens who come to visit in the seasons of spring and summer, and their visits are the reason the economy of the park and the surrounding concessioners maintains a profitable output year to year. The park has a large amount of interest in keeping the tourist as happy as possible when they visit the parks. The wolves in Yellowstone National Park are the Canis Lupus, and they are one of the top predators within the park (HDofW). These animals prey on the elk and bison of the park and are capable of doing this because they travel in packs and can only feed the whole pack when they kill large animals.
The tourist-and-wolves interaction starts a little bit after the Organic Act of 1916 due to the clause that “provided that the National Park Service could destroy plants, animals, or other resources if it was necessary for the use or enjoyment of the other resources of the park” (Parr II-C-1.4). Of course this was meant to allow the…

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