Natural Resources Of The Region Essay

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Natural resources of the region:
The region is one of the richest region based in the amount of natural resource that most of its countries have, in particular the region it is characterized by the production and exportation of hydrocarbons. According to the American Petroleum Institute (API) “the Middle East along has about 63 percent of the known reserves of oil in the world”. The abundancy of this vital resource made the region on of the most reached region on the planet. In addition, countries like Qatar, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates have one of the largest Natural Gas reserves in the world. Oil and Natural Gas are not the only important natural resources found in the Middle East; for instance, Iran possess the world’s largest zinc reserves of the world and the second-largest reserves of copper. Also, countries like Syria and Israel have important mineral deposits of marble, natural, silica, gypsum, salt and steel, and diamonds.
Technological resources:
The Middle East regions is very dependent of the import of technology and technological resources from the western countries and China. The countries that conform the region are developing countries and they need advance technological resources in order to be efficient and competitive to the rest of the world. Between the countries of this region with the most advance and the higher degree of specialization in the use of technological resources are Israel and Turkey. These two countries have been…

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