Native Son Riot

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James Baldwin mentions two race riots in “Notes of a Native Son “one in Detroit and the other one in Harlem. Both of these race riots took place during July - and august around 1943. The Detroit race riot was one of the bloodiest riots out there. The Detroit riot began in belle Isle Park among the youth. There was conflict between the whites and African Americans and also there was tension that had a nexus with the military buildup of World War 2. It was said that armed white people started this riots next to the bridge in the park and developed into further African American areas. This was going on for a long time, from June 20 to June 22. This riot happened in the middle of World War 2 when the Allies power were fighting the Axis power. This …show more content…
Baldwin and his father never got along. Baldwin father was a preacher. Baldwin never understood and never got to known his father and why he acted that way. Baldwin grandmother was born into slavery and his father was the generation of freemen. His father showed hatred and no trust for white people. He told Baldwin to never trust a white person and to stay as far away and also when he gets older he would understand them. Even when Baldwin white teacher wanted to take Baldwin Theater his father asked him question why she’s here, don’t trust her. Baldwin showed not hate and racism towards her. He wanted to improve his education. Baldwin mentions many time that he hated his father. He would describe his father of being bitter, cruel, and impatient and he would get frustrated fast. Baldwin mentions “we had not known that he was eaten up by paranoia, and the discovery that his cruelty, to our bodies and our minds, had been of the symptoms of his illness was not, then, enough enable us to forgive him. The younger children felt, quite simply, relief that it he would not becoming home anymore.”(pg.3) Baldwin hate, for his father becomes out of hand. His personality and his attitude is affected by this hate. Baldwin perception started changing when he would go with friend and alone to restaurants. Almost all the restaurants told him no Negros allowed. He started to see what his father told him. Baldwin started slowly realizing

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