Native North America, By The Shear Volume Of Information Essay

1400 Words Apr 1st, 2016 null Page
Native populations have inhabited North America’s vast landscape for millions of years. These peoples have their own unique cultures and identities. Fundamentally, it is understood that Native cultures have not occurred in a vacuum and are constantly being changed, integrated, and created. However, when attempting to learn about the numerous Native populations that have and continue to inhabit North America, the shear volume of information becomes hard to process. Scholars of Native North America have grouped Native cultures together so that the information about the numerous cultures across North America can be processed. Scholars primarily use culture area concept maps and linguistic classification in survey classes to provide insight into Native North America. The presentation of such a large amount of information to students is difficult, and these methods have shortcomings but also benefits. Over the course of this paper, I will reflect on the challenges of studying Native North America, and how I think that using the culture area concept to convey Native North America is the best way to teach a survey course in a classroom setting. When people study Native North America, they use several methodologies in survey classes that work in conjunction with the culture area concept and linguistic classifications. These methodologies consist of ethnography and ethnology, history, and anthropological theory. For instance, Europeans have recorded much of Native North America’s…

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