Native Americans : The White Man 's Ways Than The American Indian

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"No racial group has suffered more humiliation, destruction, abuse and discrimination from the "white man 's" ways than the American Indian." (pg.430) From the very beginning, North American Indians were a target of the English settlers because they possessed what they wanted the most, rich fertile lands. "Predictably, Native Americans viewed the white man 's encroachment into their lands as a threat to their culture, livelihood, and, ultimately, their survival." (pg.430) Since they were afraid of them, the Powhatan chiefdom, which was 30 different tribes in an alliance, continuously attacked the settlers. However, these attacks ended when the colonists captured and released Pocahontas, daughter of the chief. As the settlers started taking and developing the land, the Native Americans saw it as they were destroying the land and tried to negotiate with them before more of their land was taken. "Tribal leaders quickly realized that the only viable option left for Native Americans was to fight to keep what was theirs." (pg.430) In response to the Indians, the British government wanted to relocate many of the tribes. The Native Americans tried to fight the relocation by signing the Proclamation of 1763, which stated that land west of the Appalachian mountains was "Indian Country", settlers must acquire a legal title or be sent back to the colonies and all purchases from the Indians must be done in public meetings with representatives of the king. "As anticipated, colonists…

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