Native Americans During The 1800s Essay

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In the 1800s, white pioneers were moving west and looking for places to settle. Native Americans occupied the Great Plains, and the white people were about to take over. Starting around the 1860s, the United State’s government started forcing the native peoples to leave their homelands and either move into the designated areas called “reservations”, or in some cases be exiled to Mexico. The Native people did not like this forceful threat at all, particularly because in the reservations they could not hunt buffalo, one of their main resources. In protest of this command, the natives decided that their only chance of keeping their home was to fight back. The Indians fought the United States’ government many times trying to win back their land but in the end, they could not keep up because of their lack of resources compared to the abundant amount of resources the United States’ army was fortunate with. The federal government immorally abused the Native Americans because they forced them off their homelands, required them to live on reservations, and tortured innocent lives out of violence and greed. In the eyes of pioneers, the Native Americans were not only wasting land that could be settled, but they were holding the advancement of America back. The Native American people, being the natives of the Great Plains, may not have been advocates of America’s growth but it did not matter. They were first people of the land and they should not have had to be forced to do…

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