Essay on Native Americans And The African Americans

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When looking at the past, the Europeans have always self- proclaimed that they discovered the Americas, but really it was the Native Americans who had been there all along. In the early centuries of the Americas’ founding for eastern civilization, the Native Americans were a piece that had to be overcome in order for conquistadors and empires to ascertain wealth and wealth glory, and then later spread the Catholic faith. The Indians faced head on the impact that this encounter had caused. The Natives faced rape, pillage, and murder because to the Europeans, they were an obstruction in their path to their desires even though the Native Americans helped the Europeans by teaching them what crops to grow, how to hunt, and the art of building shelters. The land the Indigenous population used had many crops and metals that greatly flourished the European nations yet they showed no respect for this group of people and thought of them as foes. This meeting of the two groups ultimately benefited the Europeans far more than it did the Native Americans, and the teachers who are educating students must be responsible in fully educating the reasoning behind such a profound, historical event. The way in which we should study the contact between the two distinct groups of people, the Europeans and Natives, is to inform the student on why he or she is learning the dates and to describe the reasons behind the “goals, purposes, and methods followed by the various European nations.” A sound…

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