Native Americans : A Celebration Of Their History, Culture And Contributions

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Introduction (1/2 pg) Native Americans had been a recurring topic throughout my academic education. I have always been interested in learning more about their history and culture so I may better understand my own culture and heritage decent. According to Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) by the year 1793 most of the Native American population indigenous to southern Texas decline or intermarried Hispanic population. It is likely that my ancestors were Native Americans and I would like to learn more about their culture specifically their unique food dishes,storytelling and traditional customs. This paper will expand my knowledge on Natives Americans’ influence on American and the world and vice-versa.

Cultural Description Section (2pgs)
In the article Native Americans: A Celebration of their History, Culture and Contributions by Maron D. Weathersby Lacey summarizes the history, culture and contributions of Native Americans. He begins the article by discrediting Christopher Columbus for discovering the New World (America) in 1492 because Native Americans occupied the land from the far north and southern parts of America for more than 20,000 years (2003). It is a mystery on how Native Americans arrive to America but as a hunting and gathering society they often had to relocate from place to place depending on the seasons and the animals they hunted. It is believed that Native Americans migrated to America from Asia by the way of the Bering Strait (Weathersby…

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