Native American Culture And Religion Essays

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Native American culture and religion has always been incredibly interesting to me. I have watched documentaries and other forms of media between school and personal time to gain knowledge about their lives. Going into detail in this class has opened up more knowledge to me which I am happy to learn about. The forum as well allowed me to express in further detail my favorite topic of the Native American direction and how they connect it with spirituality.
Native American directions came as an interest to me because of how they believe there are more than just the four cardinal directions: north, south, east, and west. They believe up/above are a direction, down/ below is another, and that here/now/center of self/dreaming is the last direction. Not only do they believe is more directions they also associate colors with directions which I find fascinating. North- white, South- red, East- yellow, West- black, Up/above- blue, Down/below- green, and Here- purple. They believe there are energies in each direction and that each energy has a color you just need to learn how to sense it. They believe that becoming receptive to these things anyone can sense them.
Then next topic I found intriguing is the idea of spirit guides. As a catholic I believe every person on this earth has been assigned a guardian angel to watch over you and guide you through life. Much like my belief the Native Americans believe that every person has a spirit animal that guides them. Each animal holds a…

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