Political Ideology Vs American Ideology

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Red, white, and blue—the colors of freedom! Red, white, and blue—the colors of oppression! Red, white, and blue colors waving in the air—woven into an ultimate symbol embodying the nation’s ideology—the flag. Currently suffering from the results of a controversial election year, disillusioned nationwide protesters have increasingly partaken in burning the flag as a symbolic denouncement of government. The growing popularity of flag burning has sparked a divisive debate between the nation’s people, as they attempt to define American ideology, identify which party is in line with said vision and who is to blame for the weakened state of the republic. Such a debate is unsurprising given that the United States of America has remained ideologically divided since its inception. Although, founded on principles of liberation through revolution and united by a commitment to the preservation of order through the advancement of democracy, it has …show more content…
However, the blame placing occurring between individuals who identify with left or right wing politics has divulged both parties’ contrasting perceptions of reality and American theory. The republic’s failure to reconcile American values with methodology has culminated in a divisive internalization of fear between people, evident in the political spectrum’s increased polarity.
Understanding the historical and present day theoretical context behind the political spectrum is fundamental for appreciating its trending relevance. Political difference was recognized as essential for the preservation of democracy by the United States’ founding fathers. In Federalist Paper No. 10, James Madison eloquently compressed this argument within the time withstanding analogy, “Liberty is

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