National Standards For Cultural Competence Essay

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National CLAS-Standards for Cultural Competence in Healthcare Service Delivery
Health care disparities and inequities among ethnic and racial minorities have been persistent in the U.S. healthcare system. Health disparities occur when one group of individuals face poor access to care, disproportionate rates of disease or death, and lack of quality in healthcare delivery (Longest, 2016). With the efforts of healthcare reform and the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable are Act of 2010 (ACA) we are now seeing slow but steady movement towards addressing the inequities and disparities in healthcare for racially and ethnically diverse populations. Under the ACA, there are a number of provisions which aim to reduce the disparities that exist and improve the quality of services. In doing so, we can provide greater health promotion and literacy among underserved minority groups whose cultural makeup often goes ignored.
The ACA policy has affirmed the need for increasing cultural competence in the healthcare setting and this implementation has begun to create a system change. To address the disparities in the healthcare system the federal government has developed the National CLAS Standards as a guideline on how to deliver care in a culturally competent and inclusive manner that respects the role of culture on an individual’s health. Developed in 2000, these guidelines lay the framework for improving overall health of individuals, communities, and organizations.…

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