National Football League Essay

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National Football League has been a mainstay in American sports for quite some time. It has had many positive impacts on our society, however, we will explore how minority professional football players are unfairly targeted. This has occurred by a host of entities both inside and outside of the league. We will examine employer drug testing, stereotypes by the media and how law enforcement unfairly target athletes through unfair practices.

The NFL’s has more than approximately 1700 players that are predominantly African-American or roughly about 68%, but when it comes to being in a position of leadership or decision making, those numbers are disproportionate. The racial breakdown of the NFL statistically is “African American players currently comprise 67.3% of the league’s players; The highest percentage of African-American players since the 2003 season. The remaining racial breakdown of NFL players is 31% Caucasian, 0.7% Asian/Pacific Islander, 0.6% Latinos and 2% International and Other. The key player positions dominated by African-American players are Cornerback (97%) and Wide Receivers (84% ). On the other hand, the key positions dominated by Caucasian players are Quarterback (82%) and Center (84%). Special teams are also primarily comprised of Caucasian players (97% in 2013 and 98% in 2012”(Thomas, 2014, para. 1)

The NFL hiring practices as it relates to minorities in a position of leadership is very troubling when looking at the history of the league. When we look…

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