National Book Store Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Ramos thought of producing a line of greeting cards and postcards using Philippine views and artwork. It created a distinct design and at the same time it promoted Filipino customs and traditions to the rest of the world. Later on, they acquired the Philippine franchise for Hallmark cards. It was also at this time that the couple began a publishing program through the assistance of international publishers such as McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, and others.

They opened a new branch on Recto Avenue, a place catering to students. In the 1970's, they were able to acquire space in new shopping centers opening up in Cubao and Makati. This started the National Book Store chain's steady growth and by the 1990’s there were over 50 branches across the country. The rich history of National Book Store shows how perseverance and hard work amidst trials and tribulations could rise oneself to be the successful person that he dreams to
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They use the optional stock list approach in order to the needs of different consumers. The mall branches hold a large array of items that include their primary merchandise, equipment, and electronic devices in order to cater to the constant rush of shoppers. The town or provincial outlets, however, only hold their primary merchandise because consumers would only go to the outlets to purchase things that they need at a current time like school supplies. They would purchase the special or the more valuable items at the mall branches along with other purchases that they have to do on their list. Another benefit of having many branches is that they were able to go under private-label branding. The school and office supply brand Best Buy is exclusively sold and distributed at NBS. NBS is also able to publish local books which also exclusively sold and distributed at their store.

NBS is a low-margin, high-turnover retailer. Since their target market is students and office people, they understand that their items are a “basic need” for their consumers. Thus, they offer it at a price that is highly affordable in order for them to make a purchase.

Most of the time, one would see an NBS branch at malls, at community centres, or near schools. These are the places where their target market frequently goes to. This makes their branches more accessible and, at the same time, more profitable. A well thought-out location is one of NBS’ reasons for

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