Personal Essay: The Best Football Player

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I’ve been playing football since the age of 9 years old. As soon as I joined I began to love the sport, it was like i’ve never played but had a passion for it. Every year that had passed i’ve gotten better at the sport. Now here I am a senior in high school, three year varsity starter and team captain. I love the game of football, I have so much fun playing and practicing it, but I have more failures than successes in the sport. This year is my 8th year playing and never have I won a pre-teen championship or a High School state championship. I have more wins than losses in the sport, but none of those wins have came when it has mattered the most. My teams have went 41-19-1 in my football career, 8 of those 19 lose took place in the playoffs. Always have started the season great but never finished. My most important football years have came and high school, players got bigger, and the …show more content…
My freshman team was very mature and talented, so was my town league. We sure lived up to the hype, my freshman team went (6-0) on the season with only one touchdown aloud all season. The down side to freshman football was there weren 't playoffs at the time only league games, as for my varsity town league we had playoffs. We dominated teams all year long and finished (8-1) in the regular season. Playoffs came around and we won the opening round, and in the semi finals we faced the only team that beat us all year. We came out with a bang putting 16 points on the board before the half. In the second half the opposing team made it a game, the game was forced to go to overtime, they scored on the first play from scrimmage and we failed to connect in the red zone, so we took the defeat. That moment had to have been the worst pain I 've felt in my entire life. I wanted to just give up, but on thing I knew is Success is not final, failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that

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