Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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Frederick Douglass published Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass in 1845. This book serves as a slave narrative. Douglass depicts the lifestyle of a slave and the many horrors that came along with being a slave.Douglass wanted to expose a large group of what really occurred during slavery. He wanted to expose not only the physical aspect but also a mental aspect.

Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass informs us on the way he lived his live. Douglass provided critical events that occurred in his bondage time. He presents a timeline from a young slave to a free Black. The book starts with some basic facts, like where he was born and not having knowledge of his age. Chapter 1 gives a picture into how slavery split up families. Douglass states that he only say his mother"in the night". Also tells us that His father is a slave owner and His mother is a slave. In the following chapters he tells the story of being Colonel Lloyd and Captain Anthony slave and how they were treated and how they survived on the bare minimum rations. As a child, he witnessed beatings and murder of a slave and was able to work in the kitchen. When he was sent to the Auld residence he was very delighted in a sense that he got out of a harsh environment. At this residence he learned to read and write for the mistress and the neighborhood children. The rest of the book details the many obstacles in which he overcomes. The climax of the book was Douglass fighting back against Covey 's brutal…

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