Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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As a slave child who grew into one of the abolitionist movement 's most prominent leaders, Frederick Douglass, by telling the story of his life shed light on many of the often overlooked tragedies of slavery.With firsthand and unfiltered experiences, Frederick Douglass’ narrative of his life in Narrative of the life of frederick Douglass an american slave presents many ideas of what it means to be a slave.These ideas include how hopeless life is from the point of view of current slaves and how tragic slavery is from the perspective of one who has escaped it. The story behind these ideas lies in the oppression of slaves by those using them to further their own position in society. Through the use of identity suppression of both individuals and groups, American slave owners, in order to maintain power, committed acts of wanton cruelty despite knowing full well that black slaves had the same capacity for learning and intellectual growth as any white man. Throughout the narrative Douglass stresses the effort undergone by slave owners to hinder a slave 's education and the importance of education in escaping slavery. While this idea on the surface is very clearly an attempt to maintain the status quo of the slave and master relationship, the text also provides examples in which even the masters very clearly know what their actions are indeed enacted against one who is as capable as they are. In particular in Mr. Auld’s monologue the line “It you teach that nigger how to…

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