Narrative Of The Life And Adventures Of Venture Smith Essay

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Venture Smith is a man of honesty and integrity. He believes in the ambition of obtaining goals and achieving those goals. In Venture Smith’s, Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Venture, Smith establishes the fact that he has had numerous amount of struggles over the course of his time, but has managed to find joy in the midst of all the struggles and hardships. His losses include incidents from his childhood, from the time he left Africa to becoming a slave, and from the time he was declared liberated. Throughout his time, Smith was able to see through the negativity from the losses and look beyond to what he was able to gain in his life in order to find the happiness he wanted in the end.
Smith’s experienced losses in the earliest stages of his life. He was taken away from his father by his mother and left to stay with a rich farmer. Smith was five years old at this time and was separated from his family as well as separated from anyone else he was acquaintance with from home. He feels a sense of abandonment from his mother along with unsureness of whom he is living with. However, this incident only benefitted him in the long run because he learned how to be self-sufficient by the deeds he was to tend to everyday for that year. Smith was able to acknowledge that the entire situation of abandonment from his family was not torturous, but beneficial to his advantage by stating:
He possessed likewise a great many cattle and goats. During my stay with him I was kindly…

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