Narrative Of The Captivity And Restoration Essay

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American literature, solely produced by writers in the United States of America, was developed decades after English Literature transpired. It was the discovery of American literature that abetted the country into its being. America, in the beginning, consisted mainly of Native Americans and settlers that formed colonies. It was throughout this period of time, the seventeenth (17th) century the first literary works were produced. American literature began with settlers documenting their early encounters on new soil and uninhabited territory. However, some of the first writings produced were narratives from the Native Americans. The Native American’s captured through their writings a time of overwhelming bitterness. The bitterness was brought on by the betrayal of the settlers that captured, imprisoned, enslaved, and slaughtered by the new inhabitants of their land. Through American literature and literary writers, readers are able to capture the struggles and frustrations of the people. In Mary Rowlandson’s narrative, A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration, Rowlandson recounts her eleven (11) weeks of events she witnessed and experienced while being held captive by the Native Americans. Her thoughts daily were her survival and her return to civilization. Her constant reverence of God and His amazing grace and mercy are the key elements that help sustain her day end and day out. Her narrative became one of the most popular works of this century throughout the world.…

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