Essay about Narrative Of Life Of Fredrick Douglass

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Fredrick Douglass is one of the most phenomenal black abolitionist that is known in history, because of his stories and his attempts to abolish slavery. Although Fredrick Douglass was born a slave, after he attained his freedom he fought for other slaves and their freedom. In, Narrative of Life of Fredrick Douglass, Fredrick Douglass gives his personal perspective on how it is to be a slave in America. Douglass is very descriptive in his narrative, he names plenty of owners, places, and names of people who he once associated with on plantations. Narrative of Life of Fredrick Douglass, is a very significant novel in American history, we can learn slave’s personal experience with slavery, and the novel also shows how slavery was constructed during this period. Narrative of Life of Fredrick Douglass, is an important novel to American history. This particular novel conveys to historians how slavery took place and how slaves were treated by their owners. Fredrick Douglass explains how slaves on his plantation with Colonel Lloyd only received one piece of each clothing item to last them a whole year. Slave owners could care less about what a slave was wearing or how long it would last, they cared more about their work ethic. In the novel, it blatantly conveys to historians the separation between white people and black people. As Fredrick Douglass mentions, him nor any of the other slaves knew of their ages just as a horse wouldn’t, African Americans were treated like animals,…

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