Narrative Essay: Why Do People Make More Money

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It was around 3:00 a.m. on a thursday night when my friend Trey turned from the T.V. and looked at me with awe on his face. “Dude.” he took a long pause, “I just figured out the answer to everything.” I was a bit confused and suprised by the randomness of his apparent realization, but I was intreagued, “Um, you did? What is it?” “Just because. Thats the answer to everything, just because.” He then proceeded to tell me how any question could be traced back to the answer “just because”. Why do people have jobs? Why do we watch movies? Why do people like to ride roller coasters? “Ask me anything and I can trace it back to the answer just because.” he said. We debated the topic for an hour or two and he had me convinced that it was the answer to everything. He could draw any question back to its original reason being just because. In the morning I woke up and remembered our discussion. It wasn 't as convincing when we weren 't strung out on no sleep. He …show more content…
Ask somebody why they want to make more money and they will tell you it 's because they can buy stuff with money. Ask them why they can buy stuff with money and most cannot give a good reason. “Money is valueble” most will say, but nobody really realizes why. It 's valuable “just because.” Money is literally valuable because we think it is. Everything is valuable because we think it is. Why do gold and diamonds have such high value? Because they are shiny? Because they are asthetically pleasing? There is no real reason to value those qualities and paper money doesn 't even possess qaulities that are “desireable” like shiny and strong. So if money and material objects don 't have any objective value, and the reason for doing things is money and material objects, then the only reason for wanting money and doing things for money is “just

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