Narrative Essay: The First Day Of High School

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When I first started high school, I truly thought that it would be a fresh start. My previous life in school surely wasn’t the easiest thing in the entire world. Junior High had just been one level of Hell after another. The people I was surrounded by weren’t the nicest. I quickly learned that they would take the side of whoever was stronger, so not me. This created many problems in my life, but the biggest one was named Ashley.
Anyways, back to my freshman year of high school. I walk in the building, my nice jeans and loose t-shirt creating an attitude of “oh I don’t need to look nice, tsk, it’s the first day of school, I don’t care.” Of course for the previous three days I had been completely and utterly consumed with what I was going to
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Thankfully, I only had French with her. Of course, this didn’t stop the agony of the hallways. The halls were a horror movie in and of themselves. There, Ashley had perpetual use of her posse. They didn’t orally bully me, it was more of an intimidation tactic. It was as if there was always one of them around, giving me some threatening look before sauntering off to whatever class they had next. Whenever they weren’t glaring at me predatorily they were staring at me disdainfully, as if I was something stuck to the bottom of their shoe rather than a classmate. This continued for weeks on end. I was always trepidacious when walking into the class, and Ashley was always there. Whether it was knocking my books over, embarrassing me, or promising punishment at a later date, she never let …show more content…
I squared my shoulders and walked into my first period classroom. I stacked my books on my desk, in the same formation as I had every day before Ashley knocked them off my desk. And now, I wait. A tense minute passed, and I nervously tapped my pencil against the table. My eyes were locked on the door and I didn’t miss Ashley walking in. Her walk was full of swagger, and she smiled sugary sweet at me. Her hand reached out to hit my books, and for the first time, my hand shot out to meet hers. Her head cocked to the side, and I met her eyes with a sudden confidence.
“You need to stop. I’m not going to let you do this anymore.” My tone was rough, and I hoped I looked tougher than I felt. Oh god. Oh no. Oh this is how I die. My tombstone will say ‘Here lies Jack Ross. She tried to confront her bully and her bully saw right through her. RIP.’ While my thoughts ran rampant, I saw the light in Ashley’s eyes

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