Dragon Challenge-Personal Narrative

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It was the perfect summer morning. The grass sparkled with dew, the wind blew soft and sweet, and the sun had just began to rise. Even though I was deep in my slumber, enjoying my sweet dreams, I had a feeling this day would be different. I then heard a rumbling. I peeped open one eye, nothing there, I thought to myself, “It’s just thunder, go back to sleep.” But it wasn’t just thunder, the noise seemed to be getting louder and louder, coming closer every second. I figured the walls were about to cave in. Tucking my shaking body underneath the comforter, I prepared myself for the worst. The screaming came next, followed by what seemed to be several heavy footsteps, then the door opened and within second I was drowning. Soon, they came running …show more content…
The crowd was unusually light, so we were able to ride every ride. My favorite was the Dragon Challenge. Two totally different roller coasters, with cars shaped like dragons, racing to the end. One blue flipping and twirling at every possible moment, and one red zooming and zipping around every turn. During lunch, we ventured to Diagon Ally, the newest addition to the park, where we dined at the Leaky Cauldron for lunch. I devoured the fish and chips fast enough to grab a frozen butter beer on the way to our next stop, the Mummy. This was a ride like no other. We flew backwards, forwards, to the left, to the right, in every diffraction. Along with the crazy direction changes, there were even more surprises such as the ceiling being engulfed in flames, on purpose of course. It was a great day at the park. On our way back to our beach house we stopped for vegan cupcakes. I was very excited, as I am somewhat of a health freak. I ordered my favorite flavor, red velvet. After stuffing the entire cupcake into my mouth, I immediately wanted to spit it out. The cupcake was awful! It was as if they had forgotten to put sugar in it. My friends agreed that we had chosen the wrong place for dessert. But good dessert or not, I was glad to have spent the best day of my life with the people who matter most to

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