Personal Narrative: My Journey To The Abyss Of Poverty

Growing up in the small town of Columbia City, I witnessed the crippling poverty of the people who lived there. Of course, I saw people who lacked the motivation to make their lives better. However, I also watched numerous people attempt to climb and claw their way out of the never-ending abyss of poverty; usually they fell further than they climbed. On a select few occasions, poverty-stricken citizens of this city have reached the top of the abyss and left their life of struggle behind. Witnessing these scenarios affect families in my hometown as I grew up prompted me to dream of ascending from poverty myself; however, it would require a long journey and hard work and determination throughout the process. Despite my desire to complete the journey, I wasn’t on the path to success. During my sophomore year I finally had a breakdown moment; I sat on my kitchen floor sobbing uncontrollably. As I sat there for hours, I thought about my life - the abuse I had endured since I was …show more content…
However, there are also millions of kids stuck in the abyss that I strived to climb from. I don’t say this because I came from that place, but I say it because I see it with my own eyes. I have seen the homeless children in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have witnessed the overflowing homeless shelters in New York City. I have observed the refugees who live only feet from the ocean on the beaches of Calais, France. I was able to climb out of the abyss of poverty; however, entire civilizations around the world are still shackled to its deepest depths. Through witnessing these sights, I have found my direction, the same direction as FDR, Princess Diana, and the thousands of unknown volunteers who have fought to give people in poverty their chance to escape it. Whether it be a child who just needs a small pull or an elderly man who has spent a lifetime on his knees, jailed by poverty,, my wish is to help lift every innocent, helpless person out of

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