Narrative Essay On A Birthday Day

The big fifty! My grandparents have been married for fifty years, and we were celebrating their anniversary. Family and friends from all over came to help celebrate this special day. Even my cousins from Louisiana were there. I saw the broad smiles on the faces of my family. I knew it was going to be a good weekend. The large room that the reception was in was located at my grandparent’s church in Omaha. The Saturday morning of the reception, we all scrambled to set up round tables covered with white tablecloths. They were decorated with fresh, light blue and white flowers as a centerpiece. It was a perfect match to their wedding colors. Two, white sheet cakes were set out and the coffee was prepared. Framed pictures were set up around …show more content…
We had fun looking at old photo books of my grandparents. They looked so happy the faded pictures of their wedding day. In my Grandma’s guest registry, she pointed out her gift of a ‘pink bath set’ Next to it she had carefully written, ‘dyed blue in 79.’ My siblings, cousins and played games at my aunts house like wheel of Fortune, monopoly, and uno at one in the morning.
The weekend would not be the same without presents. My grandparents, brother, sister, aunt, and cousins all gathered in the wamr living room. “Open this one!.” My brother exclaimed as he handed her the gift from our family. Grandma carefully opened the box in silver wrapping. We all watched in anticipation. What she saw first was the picture of her kids as teenagers. Her face lit up. It was a quilt with fabric pictures sewn on. There were pictures of all of us together, Amanda next to the fire place, all of her grandkids as infants, and her wedding pictures front and center. The light blue, floral borders were a perfect match to the bridesmaid dresses in the pictures. “Wow, someone did a lot of work!” She was so excited. My grandpa and grandma proudly help up the quilt for us to see. “I wondered why you wanted my pictures!” Grandma My grandpa pointed out all the pictures as we told the fun story of each picture. “We love it so much.” My grandparents mentioned

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