Narrative Essay About Ww1

No one ever expected it. No one knew, that, after already coming out of the World War just over two decades past, that the World War would have to be given the title “First” in front of its name because a second World War was about to happen, a worst war, filled with violence, atrocities, the only use of nuclear weapons and finally, the worst of them all, was the Holocaust. I was just a boy of 11 at the time. All I wanted was to eat and run around and make fun of my teachers with my friends, and for my family to be safe. Alas, it was not to be. On November 9, 1938, my mother was cooking dinner, my father was reading a book to my little brother, and I was studying for a test I had, because I didn’t wish to give the old lady who taught all …show more content…
He had dropped his teddy bear, and wouldn’t go without it. I heard my father’s friends say that they had to go immediately. I then saw the teddy bear, jumped off the ship, and rushed it into my brother’s hands. Then I heard sirens, and a voice in German. We had little time, so I carried my brother off the ground and rushed him into the ship. As I was getting on, bullets hit the side of the boat. It didn’t damage the boat, but it did cause my father’s friends to drop me. I fell into the water, and was shocked by the cold water. I floundered about, having skipped almost every swimming class that my parents had tried to make me do. I remembered the first one, which was on how to stop yourself from drowning. I curled up into a ball, tucked by knees under my chin and held them close with my arms, rolling on the waves, until a sharp pain emerged right above my forehead, and it all went black I found myself in a train car , with a bunch of other people. They looked alot like I did, with dark eyes and hair. I talking to a boy a few years older than me, and found out we were all here because we were Jewish. We talked a bit more, mostly about trivial things, and then I fell asleep I was awakened the next morning by an old woman, who shook me awake. She seemed fear for my life, although I couldn’t understand why. I also heard a deadbolt being drawn out, and light shined in, hurting my eyes, forcing me to stare at the man who I came to know as a member of the Nazis. He ordered as all out of the train car. We got out as fast as we could, and stayed in a group, watching the man’s gun should he unholster

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