Personal Narrative: Where Is Tyler?

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“Where is Tyler?” Normally, this could have been an easily answered question, considering Tyler was my boyfriend I was normally with him. This Thursday we were lucky enough to have a 2 and a half early dismissal and no school Friday, so I had plans with a friend of mine to hang out and I was waiting for him to come home from work. When my friend, Savannah, called me, I expected it to be the regular question she would ask: “Can you take me to ___?”. This was not the case on January 14th, 2016. The year that has brought so much joy, I’ve paid off my car, I’ve moved out of my parents’ house and I graduated high school, started as the worst year of my life. Tyler Bingham, 23, had battled a viscous drug addiction. An addiction that was so strong …show more content…
I went to the church alone and I was lucky enough to walk into a spot saved just for me with many of his friends, this was comforting considering I had been on my own throughout the entire experience. His grandfather spoke, friends spoke, and some sponsors even spoke. When it came time to close his casket, his mom couldn’t let him go. She sat thrown over his body crying and saying “I can’t let him go”. None of us could let him go. I rode with a friend to the graveyard Tyler was being buried in, that was comforting. I don’t remember much about what was said, but I do remember how cold it …show more content…
It hasn’t been easy getting back to normal, but I have. When Tyler passed, I didn’t go to school for weeks at a time, I didn’t care about school, and I didn’t talk to my family. Tyler passing away changed my life, but deep down he is still with me. I went to have a poppy flower tattooed on my back as a memorial for Tyler that I could keep with me forever, I went to a tattoo parlor and I was lucky enough to spend those hours with the man who did all of Tylers’ tattoos as well and whom Tyler had confided about with struggles battling his addiction. This is only one of the many paths that Tylers death has led me down to meet many new people and to experience many new things, he certainly has not left. I’m not writing about Tyler passing away for pity or attention. I’m writing about Tylers passing because it has changed my life. I’m left with his memory, many of his great friends, and his family. I’m also writing about this because I’ve become much stronger since his passing; going though things like this alone teach you that you are much stronger than you thought you were. This experience has also taught me that being alone is not the best answer when things like this happen, I found comfort in the littlest of company just knowing I was not alone. Tyler may have left the Earth but he will never leave our

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