My Uncle's Death: A Short Story

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I took off my shirt. I tried to keep him alive. The bright red Fendi shirt I was wearing was initially white but my uncle’s cold blood changed everything. After that day, nothing was ever the same. His death was incomprehensible but lying in a pool of blood, not even two inches away from my body, was the closest family I had. Money. The Montblanc watches, Zanotti shoes, and Louboutins could not compensate for what I had done throughout my lifetime because after all, it did not make me a better person. Money. The reason I lived but the reason for my death. 1 month, 3 days, 5 hours, and 23 minutes since prison became the end of my life.
Everything in my life stopped on September 17th, 2015 at 10:30 am. My court case had been in progress for 3
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I finally left my popped out of my bubble. This big, shiny, and golden bell at the top of the courthouse indicated the end of recess. Kind of hard to believe that one huge bell would not disturb the calm city of Miami although no one questioned it. Therefore, as annoying as I was , I did. The answer was not important, but I knew that no one liked my nosey attitude towards the world. As I entered my tiny booth, I looked down at my hands. My uncle’s favourite ring was on the index finger of my right hand where he always kept it. My father’s family ring that I found in the family safe behind three closed doors worth about 70 million dollars followed on my middle finger. Lastly, my mother’s grandfather’s family ring on my pinky. Each arranged in order by size, my mother’s was the …show more content…
No man on earth would prefer to have his story told by police officers or authorities. The verdict was cast in exactly 13 minutes after my beautiful speech. Audemars watches never lie. An old, caucasian man with purple glasses, an insanely receding hairline, and an old brown cane stood up to his maximum height of 4 foot 3 inches, and read the words that would change my life forever.
“Concerning the case of Alessandro Mahamadou Di Albani versus the City of Miami, we the jury find the defendant guilty to death row by the electric chair. Effective in three days.”
I had no emotion. I felt no regret for investing, nor had I ever felt this happy in my entire life. I was hopeful of my path to heaven. The day of my electric disintegration from this earth came faster than I expected. I said my farewells to the cell mate and guards who hated my guts because I had found my way out of this world through death. The head guard stood next to the electric switch as I was strapped in.
“Any last requests of your family and friends before your actions get the best of you?”
Only one request was

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