Essay about Napoleon Bonaparte 's Major Military Mistakes

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Adrianna Morina
Although, Napoleon Bonaparte has made major military mistakes throughout his reign, such as invading Russia in the middle of winter, it does not however qualify him as a power hungry dictator nor should he be accused of crimes against Humanity. Reason being is that Napoleon Bonaparte has proven time and time again that his best interest was for the people of France. This is shown by his many reforms which helped abolished inequality amongst social classes in France, spreading enlightenment ideas throughout Europe, and his military genius, losing only two battles during his unification of Europe. These are all qualities of a good leader and only further prove that Napoleon is not guilty of crimes against humanity when he put all of his efforts into bettering humanity as a whole.
Before Napoleon the people of France all suffered grievances but none so much as the third estate, however this changed when Napoleon came into power and created reforms that gave the third estate something they had never encountered, equality. It is well known that before Napoleon, France was in an uproar. The people of the third estate were resentful of the privileges the Nobility and Clergy were given. The higher classes enjoyed extravagant lifestyles and had no concerns over paying taxes. While the third estate suffered from starvation and struggled to pay taxes while supporting their families. This resentment lead to a 15 year revolution, whee the september massacres took place…

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