Mytilenian Debate Analysis

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The Mytilenian Debate was a key part of Thucydides’ On Justice, Power and Human Nature. The Mytilenian debate focuses on a conflict about the rebellion of Mytilene. The Rebellion that began in the summer of 428 was between the Athens and a town on the island of Lesbos; Mytilene, that was located off the coast of Asia minor. The rebellion also grew to include most of the islands of Lesbos. The rebellion was caused by the Mytilenians believing that the Athens would eventually take over their country and their rights and decided to attack first. The Mytilenians knowing that they would not be able to win against the Athens without help, sought aid from the Peloponnesian. However, the war began far before the Mytilenian were ready and were required …show more content…
The choice to sacrifice all of the population for their injustices. One person in history that would agree with Cleon would have been the Chinese philosopher Han Feizi. Han Feizi was an influential philosopher during the pre-Qin person during China’s history who wrote about the art of government and the persuasion of a ruler. Han Feizi philosophy had an important influence on Chinese political theory and Chinese practices, if not during the Qin dynasty then during the Han dynasty and the Huang-Loa movement. Han Feizi ideology the Two Handles, Han Feizi explains that a ruler or in Athens’s case a colony, should handle their citizens or allies with the use of rewards and punishments. This is because the ruler must understand that their actions will be seen by the people and therefore know their boundaries. One example that Han Feizi uses is that when his ministers or advisors give him advice or organize a plan, the plan must go exactly how the advisor describes it or they will be punished. This means that the advisors must be held accountable for their actions. Another aspect of this rule is that the plan cannot go better or worse then was advised. This means that even if the plan goes better than anticipated the advisor will still be punished because the plan laid out was not correct. In this aspect the advisor must be held accountable for any advice that they rely regardless of the

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